BJZ Images Corp.

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Why I been MIA?

I’ve been MIA because on many occasions I have felt that the craft didn’t value me nor did it love me for who I was. I was ready to stop shooting and focus on my family and creating a nice life in the bubble of being a dad and husband. But what happen is I couldn’t let go. Within the last few months I have begged myself and others to just start giving me ideas and giving me a space to shoot ideas I have and ones they do.

What is different?

Now that I am back I will be focused on spreading the marketing and photography skills I have to the clients I have. You will get more detail and more custom made shoots with a team ready to ensure you vision is top notch. I can provide and am willing to give each client the Beyonce treatment along with prices that fit on any budget. This space will be posting once per week on tips and trades to get your shoots to be one of a kind and extremely worth every penny.